Sideline Chairs and Logo Seating

A great way to add spirit to a school or organization than to get custom sideline chairs.  Custom sideline chairs are most popular for basketball and volleyball teams but there are also many other uses for custom sideline chairs.  They can be used for graduations, special events, badminton, field day, school spirit events, school meetings, indoor sports, corporate meetings, family gatherings, and anything else where showing pride is important.

When it comes to sideline chairs you want to get the best quality chairs you can for safety and durability.  The Athletic Seating custom sideline chairs have a 12 year manufacturers warranty on the frames which is a testament to their quality.

Athletic Seating’s sideline chairs come with standard 2 location printing, but more can be added: example; a team name on the back rest and team logo on the seat top.  Up to 8 color logos can be used for an additional charge.  It takes 5-6 weeks for the chairs to be delivered after art work approval.  If you place your order 2 months before your event you’ll be all set.


These custom chairs have a thick seat pad with quality vinyl that gives you two large imprint areas.  The extra-sturdy frames can be powder-coated in colors: red, purple, black, royal blue, navy blue, maroon, forest green, and other popular colors, and come with dual reinforced steel support bars on the back legs.

Powder coating makes the finish stronger and look new longer.  The frames are very heavy duty they have a 375 lb. recommended capacity, to be honest with you I have seen them hold a lot more.  These chairs are very sturdy and very comfortable.

The legs are fitted with non-scratch, non-skid caps so they will not hurt your gym floor.  This is very important, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your gym floor just to have them scratched up by your sideline chairs.

The steel hinges on these chairs are heavy duty.  I am sure everybody has had the experience of using low quality rusty folding chairs that are a pain to get folded.  With these heavy duty steel hinges you will never have that problem.  Storage is simple; once the chairs are folded you can store them on the chair caddie for organized portable storage.

Custom chairs with your schools or organization logo on them can show off your pride or advertise your business.  Everybody will be asking you where you got your custom chairs because of the impression they will make.

Get the same Logo Chairs MLB gets!

Athletic Seating’s Logo Chairs and Logo Stools are the same products MLB uses, so why not get them for your team! Don’t settle for cheaper knockoff chair, get the same chair thats the first choice for professional sports teams…MLB, NBA, college and high schools’ first choice for quality chairs made right here in the USA. And with Athletic Seating’s exclusive printing process, you’ll have the top of line team seating chair, with the finest logo printing you’ve ever seen. There IS a big difference in logo color printing, and we have the exclusive process to applying your teams logo to any of our seating products. Other chair dealers just take your order and pass it along. We take a great deal of pride and knowledge in screen printing your teams logo to the chairs and stools. Check out just a few of our testimonials and see for yourself.

New Stadium Chairs and Stadium Seats for your Team

School has just begun, and if your team is looking to upgrade the locker room or sidelines, now’s the perfect time to order new Sideline Chairs or Locker Room Chairs and Stools from Athletic Seating.

With the current promotion offered by Hussey Seating, the top of the line, quality Logo Seating from Clarin by Hussey, you can get 2 free chairs for every 24 ordered! This promotion only lasts until September 30th however. Clarin is the number one name in team chairs and stools. With their chairs in pro sport teams, college, and high school locker rooms and sidelines, why would you consider anything less than the best? Don’t get fooled by cheap imitation chairs and stools, just because they can print a logo. The difference in quality and “feel” of the chairs is like day and night. You’ll thank yourself years from now when your Clarin Chair still looks new.

Get the “REAL” Sideline Chairs

We were recently at an industry trade show, and found some startling, and kind of disturbing news. We here at Athletic Seating pride ourselves on giving schools and teams, the finest Logo Chairs and Stools that you can get. Quality manufacturing, and quality logo printing. We proudly are a Hussey dealer, and we strongly advise any team or school to research and compare the Hussey line of Logo Folding Chairs and Stools, to the “other” brand you might have seen advertised or sold by numerous other dealers on line. Those chairs are made in China, imported here, and advertised to be “as good” as the name brand folding chairs and sideline chairs we sell. Yes, they are a little cheaper in price, and much cheaper in quality…..but now they’ve even outdone themselves in cost cutting and quality cutting. The Logos are now just a decal! They dont even screen print your team’s logo on the vinyl anymore. Imagine how disappointed your team will be when you receive these! And imagine how long these will last?

Those decals can come off very quickly and easily….is that what you want to have on your team’s bench or locker room?….I doubt it! The Sideline Chairs and Stools aren’t cheap, your team or school spends alot of money on them….get the ones you wont regret purchasing. Athletic Seating does state of the art silk screen printing directly on the vinyl…with our exclusive process. The logo printing will last for the life of the chair, not until someone decides to peel off your teams name!!!!

Don’t make a mistake if your school or team needs Logo Chairs….give us a call.

Team Logo Chairs

Folding Chairs with Team Logos! Looking for new Team Logo Chairs to make your team’s bench or locker room look like the pro’s?…look no further than Athletic Seating. We feature the industries number one quality Clarin by Hussey Chairs, Stools, and Storage Carts with a style and variety for every budget. And, at Athletic Seating, you’ll get the finest logo printing available anywhere. You can find Logo Folding Chairs on many sites on an internet search, but the only place you’ll find the state of the art logo printing, is right here at Athletic Seating. Don’t believe us?…ask us for a free sample of our printing on chair vinyl. We can show you how logos look with our exclusive printing process, as compared with other logo chair printing. Ask any other chair dealer for a sample, we fear no one, they fear us…thats if you can even get a sample from other chair suppliers!

Besides the quality Logo Chairs and Logo Stools printing quality, the products are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.  All phases of your custom logo chairs are done here, not in China, or other far east country. Try finding out what step of the process your chair order is at with the other maunfacturers!…good luck!

We here at Athletic Seating, do not sell hundreds of different products aimed at school’s athletic departments. We dont sell basketballs, poncho’s, letterman’s jackets, etc. We ONLY sell Custom Logo Chairs, Stools, and Storage Carts for your team’s bench or locker room. Thats why you’ll get the finest Logo Seating anywhere.