Basketball Players, Coaches, and Sponsors: Are You Showing Them Love This Season?

Basketball Players, Coaches, and Sponsors: Are You Showing Them Love This Season?

As your team battles it out this basketball season, fans will pack the bleachers – wearing face paint, swinging towels, and cheering their favorite players for the win. Sitting court-side, in addition to your players, you’ll have the force that helps drive your team to victory. The basketball chairs that line the court are reserved for team leadership such as coaches and managers, as well as the all-important sponsors and other VIPs who make it all possible.

You can’t set up just any chairs in this section. Regular metal folding chairs are uncomfortable, blah, and send the wrong message to sponsors. Instead, order customized sideline chairs to outfit your facility.

Why do custom basketball chairs matter? Isn’t it really about what happens on the court – the finesse with which your players move the ball, how high they drive up the score, and how many wins they rack up to put your team in line for the championship? While this is all important, what goes on off the court can help boost what happens on-court.

This means supplying your athletic facility with high-quality basketball chairs like the attractive and comfortable SC-1 Sideline Chair. With 3 inches of padding on the seat cushion and 1 inch of padding on the backrest, it won’t leave people squirming and wishing for the game to end quickly the way unpadded metal chairs do.

In addition to this, it’s fully customizable. Choose your frame color, vinyl color, and send us the design you’d like to print on the backrest, seat cushion, seat edge, or even all three! Not only does this display your team pride to competitors and all who enter your gymnasium space; it also lets sponsors know that you mean business.

Athletic Seating has a complete selection of basketball chairs for all members of your court-side crew. The Model 2617 provides a more affordable, slightly less-padded option that’s perfect for team benches or even use in the locker room. For super VIPs, check out our Model 3400C Classic Contour Chair. The contoured seat provides additional comfort, and like our other basketball chairs, it’s fully customizable.


What About Behind the Scenes?

The vibe in the locker room before the game, during halftime, and after the buzzer sounds is important to amping your players’ spirit up. While team leadership plays the biggest role in this, quality locker room stools can help. They give your players a comfortable place to sit, strategize, and take a break during the action. Customized locker room stools let players know that they’re giving their all for an organization that really cares.

With its clean lines and sleek design, the Model 124 Stool is a wonderful option for any locker room space. Choose the color you prefer for the brushed metal frame, as well as the color for the vinyl on the 1-inch padded seat. After printing your team’s name or logo on the seat, you can place these stools in your locker room to boost your team and mark the space as your own.

To show Coach your appreciation for all of their hard work, take the locker room stool out of the locker room with our gorgeous Logo Wood Stool. Made of solid, heavy wood with a 2-inch padded seat and customizable vinyl cover, it’s the perfect addition to any office.

Both on the sidelines and behind the scenes, Athletic Seating gives you a way to show appreciation for all the people who make your team amazing.

Sideline Chairs

Heres the Secret to Sleek, Attractive Comfort at Your Next Event

When it’s game day, you want everything to be perfect. Your team is well-trained and pumped up. Your sports facility is clean and ready to go. When your team and their opponents step onto the court, you want your team pride coming at them from every direction with signs, banners, and custom-printed chairs.

Our KI-1 Chairs are the perfect solution to give your team and VIP guests a front-row view of the game. They’re attractive and incredibly comfortable, with a luxe one-inch padded seat and backrest.
Whats KI?

The “KI” in our KI-1 Chairs stands for Krueger Industries, the leader in manufacturing furniture for commercial facilities. From hospitals to colleges, government facilities to sports facilities, they’ve specialized in creating durable, stylish furniture for nearly a century.

Krueger Industries made its very first folding chair in 1941. At the time, there were very few options for stackable, foldable seating. Because steel was in short supply during the height of World War II, the company used scrap materials to manufacture their seating. Krueger continues this eco-conscious mentality today, always looking for ways to innovate and avoid waste.

The Best in Comfort Meets the Best in Customization

We’re proud to source our KI-1 Chairs from Krueger. We know that every KI Chair that ki-chair-500x500we ship to a customer will be well-made, incredibly comfortable, and built to last.

Before those chairs leave our facility, though, we give customers the opportunity to customize them in a number of ways. First, they can choose from KI-1 Chairs in a variety of frame colors, from basic black to navy blue, red, or more. Next, we offer a wide variety of vinyl colors to suit your team perfectly.

Finally, Athletic Seating provides the ultimate in customization: screen printing your choice of logo or text on either the seat, backrest, or both.

Why Screen Printing?

When it comes to customizing athletic furniture, we believe in doing it the old-fashioned way. While digital printing may be faster, our screen-printed designs are more vibrant and last much longer. Whether you’re customizing KI-1 Chairs or locker room stools, screen printing means that your design will stand out loud and clear.

You don’t have to print logos on your chairs and stools, of course. We offer all of our seating options in plain vinyl, as well. As a matter of fact, for choices like our KI-1 Chairs, there is no minimum purchase required if you’re ordering them blank. (Get in touch with us to check on minimum purchase requirements for other unprinted merchandise.)

Quality and Customer Service

For over three decades, Athletic Seating has worked to deliver the best in customized folding chairs, stools, and other sports facility seating and accessories. We do all of our printing in-house and all of our products are manufactured in the United States.

If you have questions about a product or would like to get a quote, please contact us so that we can get your order started right away