Team Logo Seating

Athletic Seating is the #1 Source in the USA for schools and teams to add that special touch to their sidelines and locker rooms with custom sideline chairs. We are the largest dealer in the USA for Clarin model chairs and stools…..and our prices are unbeatable!

We are the only dealer that does the logo printing, and cutting out the middleman vendor saves you money! Our exclusive logo printing process is far superior to any wide format type of printing. Instead of a matte finish of your logo on the chairs, you’ll get a “glossy’, almost “laminated” effect that will make your school or team proud to display them! Ask any of our customers, or ask to see a sample. Check any of our testimonials on the website!

Investing in team logo seating isn’t cheap, whether its chairs, stools, carts, etc…..why not put your best image forward with our quality logo printing? And, with a 12 year warranty on the chairs, you’ll be getting the best value around. Shop around if you’d like, and check out what other dealers charge for the same model chairs. Some ask over fifty dollars more for the same chair!

Team chairs and locker room seating are our only business, we don not sell socks, basketballs, gym whistles, etc. Team seating and locker room seating is our specialty. So if your school or team is in the market for sideline chairs, locker room stools, or any kind of logo chairs, Athletic Seating is the place to call.

Give Your Sidelines a Makeover with Team Chairs and Stools
Team Chairs and Locker Room Stools

Customized team chairs and locker room stools are the ideal accent to your sporting facility.

Is your team looking for new sideline chairs or personalized folding chairs? Athletic Seating is your number one source for courtside furniture! When School is back in session, and if your team needs new folding team bench, locker room stools, team chairs of any kind, Athletic Seating can take care of your needs. We are the number one dealer for Clarin chair products in North America.

These are the same sideline chairs most pro and college teams use. No lookalikes, Chinese knockoffs, or cheaply-made chairs here….just the top of the line logo seating, personalized folding chairs! Some of our customers include the Toronto Raptors, Philadelphia 76’ers, Chicago Bulls, and others.

The most popular model we carry is the Model 3400, perfect for basketball sideline chairs, locker room chairs, any kind of logo chair you’ll need. We carry the entire line of Clarin products. And all of them customized for your team!

Check out our website for more information, or give us a call at 630-837-5566 and one of our courtside furniture experts will be happy to assist you.