Team Logo Seating

Athletic Seating is the #1 Source in the USA for schools and teams to add that special touch to their sidelines and locker rooms with custom sideline chairs. We are the largest dealer in the USA for Clarin model chairs and stools…..and our prices are unbeatable!

We are the only dealer that does the logo printing, and cutting out the middleman vendor saves you money! Our exclusive logo printing process is far superior to any wide format type of printing. Instead of a matte finish of your logo on the chairs, you’ll get a “glossy’, almost “laminated” effect that will make your school or team proud to display them! Ask any of our customers, or ask to see a sample. Check any of our testimonials on the website!

Investing in team logo seating isn’t cheap, whether its chairs, stools, carts, etc…..why not put your best image forward with our quality logo printing? And, with a 12 year warranty on the chairs, you’ll be getting the best value around. Shop around if you’d like, and check out what other dealers charge for the same model chairs. Some ask over fifty dollars more for the same chair!

Team chairs and locker room seating are our only business, we don not sell socks, basketballs, gym whistles, etc. Team seating and locker room seating is our specialty. So if your school or team is in the market for sideline chairs, locker room stools, or any kind of logo chairs, Athletic Seating is the place to call.

Shout Your Team Pride with Personalized Folding Chairs

At every sports game, folding chairs sit in rows in front of the bleachers. This is where your team, your coaches, and your VIP guests will sit. Besides the field or court, it’s also the area that will draw the most attention. Don’t miss your chance to wow everyone who sets foot inside your gym or stadium. The best way to promote your team pride is with personalized folding chairs.

Row up on row of regular metal folding chairs sends the wrong message to the home team as well as your visiting opponents. They’re impersonal and look…well, they just look blah. For each and every big game, bring in your team colors. Show off your team logo. Shout your team spirit by proudly displaying team folding chairs.


In addition to customizing your chairs to proclaim your team’s name and colors, don’t forget to honor your sponsors or important guests. Give them a shout out by adding sponsor decals to the back of a number of your chairs. Customize each decal with the company’s logo to send them a clear thanks for supporting your team.

Another problem with regular folding chairs? They’re incredibly uncomfortable. Make people sit on them for an hour or so and they’ll be shifting and squirming around. That’s no way to treat important guests, and it’s certainly no way to thank your valuable athletes.


Personalized folding chairs from Athletic Seating are padded and extremely comfortable. Your guests will be able to watch the game in comfortable style. In addition to this, your athletes will be able to relax and refresh in the kind of seating they deserve after giving it their all on the field.


Sideline seating isn’t the only thing that matters, either. Team folding chairs are a great way to finish out your locker room, as well. When your players are strategizing during halftime, rehydrating, and regrouping, let them relax in chairs that are padded and personalized.

On the field or court and off, it’s important to remember that the players aren’t the only ones who are working hard. A personalized chair is a great way for a team to express thanks to their coach. Choose a folding director’s chair customized with your coach’s name and team logo. It’s comfortable and portable—the perfect way for the coach to rest in the rare moments when he’s not on his feet, shouting at players on-field. Big League or Little League, any coach will appreciate the gift of a personalized chair.


Storing all of these chairs is no problem at all. They can be stashed away in a jiffy with a convenient double tier storage cart. Choose one that holds 36 or 48 chairs. Simply fold the chairs and hang them up before rolling the entire cart away for storage. This will help keep your chairs in great shape for years to come.

Athletic Seating has been a proud manufacturer of custom chairs and stools for over 30 years. We stand behind our products, all of which are made and customized right here in the USA. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to talk about what we can create for your team!